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Epson printers and projectors in view of tier 1 influencers

We worked with numerous influencers, that’s a must nowadays. See the example of our cooperation with opinion making bloggers who presented Epson equipment in a natural yet attractive way.

One may think that such products as printers or projectors are not attractive for tier 1 lifestyle inluencers. That’s a myth! What is really important is a well-said story in which a brand such Epson or its product is a key element. Below we are describing an example of influencial bloggers that we cooperated last season.

A very popular bloggers marriage – Anna and Jakub Zając – have been managing a popular blog for many years. They turned out to be also film maniacs and dreamed to have a professional home cinema. Thanks to our contact and Epson’s solution their cinema dream could come true. In a stylish room changed into a home cinema they installed Epson EH-TW7400 projector of Pro-UHD quality. Ania and Kuba not only described the high-end model in all theri social media channels but also suggested other solutions, just for everyman budget.


Another version of home cinema project was a campaign of absolutely tier 1 YouTubers „5 sposobów na…” channel (over 2,2 mln subs). It was quite a challenge for them. At first they changed their target room interiors – painted the walls black and the ceiling was covered by the red carpet ;). The cinema climate was gained by appropriate posters, black curtains and a special case for snacks.  The central element was Epson EH-TW650 projector. It was chosen for practical reasons – it supposed to serve as the equipment for games too. Home cinema and gaming room – 2 in 1 🙂 Watch their video about home cinema.


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