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    Influencer…that is who?

    Everybody who delivers Internet content, so blogger, YouTube vlogger, well-know person appearing online, opinion leader of a given branch or just celebrity.

      Why should brands invest in influencers?

        Well chosen influencer strenghtens brand’s reliability and reach. His/her fan is his “mate” or idol and such mates are believed. Fans want to have the same to feel at least similar, the same product for example. The biggest influencers reach milions..So whom to chose and how to work with them?

        As we have been working for global brands we have expertise in cooperating with influencers from such branches as consumer electronics, fashion and sports. On the top of that we run campaigns with opinion leaders specialising in niche markets – education, science, finance.

      What shall we do for your brand:

        ** You shall receive complete set of activities: strategy, plan, execution, report with analysis
        ** We shall do a research to choose the right influencers and place your brand in an ideal context to fit the message to target audience
        ** We shall execute and opitimise cross platofrm promotion for your product or brand
        ** We shall plan and realise long-term cooperation thus creating brand ambassadors
        ** We shall launch or boost your brand’s YouTube channel, FB fanpage, IG account, LN page boosting it with influencer campaign

        Embracing this knowledge and a base of important influencers we deliver valuable content as well as reach and leads.

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