Epson Way

Magia światła i atramentu – niezwykły event firmy Epson


Epson is a global leader in innovation. The company’s wide offer includes products from inkjet printers and printing systems, through 3LCD projectors and industrial robots to sensors and other micro devices.

Type of campaign

  • Special event, media relations for Epson brand.
  • A meeting for media representatives and technology bloggers was organized on 30 November 2017 at the Art Center at the Warsaw Ujazdowski Castle.
  • The event began with a unique performance of the pantomime “The Epson Way” performed by the avant-garde artistic group Cloud Theater. In the real-time production of scenography created with Epson projector lights projecting on the stage real-time graphics by the artist on the tablet, the actress symbolically reproduced the company’s history, including stages of development and the creation of key products.
  • Another point of the meeting was the presentation, co-directed by the head of the Polish branch of the company Krzysztof Modrzewski and the well-known enthusiast of new technologies, Zbyszek Urbański. Its theme was the presentation of Epson’s position in the world and in Poland, the development that led to it and a vision of the future built on the basis of Epson technology considering ecology as a key factor generating sustainable development and savings. Later, the supervisors of individual product lines took over, presenting unique features of the collected equipment, such as printing devices from the Eco Tank ITS line, as well as projectors in 3LCD technology.

Target group

  • journalists from IT, lifestyle and B2B media
  • technology bloggers
  • technology enthusiasts
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  • presentation of new product lines for projectors and a new line of Eco Tank ITS printing devices
  • the opportunity to engage in dialogue between representatives of the Epson brand and representatives of IT, B2B and lifestyle media on brand products as well as talks about trends and technological novelties
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  • media relations focused on the most important journalists from IT, B2B and lifestyle media
  • press and graphic materials related to new product lines
  • interviews and exclusive materials for journalists who appeared at the event
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  • 31 journalists from IT, lifestyle and B2B media took part in the event
  • so far, the event has resulted in 30 publications including in (WP),,, or in the Focus magazine
  • several interviews, many tests and reviews of Epson products have also been arranged
  • Audience reach: 5,2 mln
  • AVE: 720 000 zł
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Press pack

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