Podaruj dzi@dkom internety – wspólna akcja na rzecz seniorów



Type of campaign

Social campaign aimed at local community of senior citizens in Wrocław – PR activities and trainings of the Wroclaw Senior Centre members.

Target group

Young people that still have teir grandparents (18-30); locally – senior citizens of Wrocław.

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Due to our requests Wrocławskie Centrum Seniora became a recepient of a complete PC set, together with all accessories and a printer  from our clients. Two of our specialits gave also a series of 10 free trainings how to use the equipment as well as how to deal with numerous issues encountered in Internet on everyday basis.

Our task was to focus the media attention on the still existing probelm of digital exclusion as well as  to spread the news on the trainings in the Centre in all local media.


Activities within the campaign:

  • inviting chosen media to the WCS on the day of equipment delivery
  •  official opening of the PC corner , inviting seniors
  •  creating official infographics to be sent together with the note
  • photo documentation, gathering quotes, writing the press note
  • spreading the note, taking care of the coverage
  • interviews in the morning programs: local TV „Echo 24” and Polskie Radio 1
  • posts on the action on FB profiles of every vendor (NVIDIA, Epson, iiyama, Hama)
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30 publications in tier 1 media and most important local media including radio and TV.

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Press pack

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