Sport PR for the Kross Racing Team


KROSS S.A., the biggest Polish manufaturer of bicycles and the main sponsor of Kross Racing Team

Type of campaign

sport PR, media relations, public relations for the team members

Target group

sport and bicycle media, magazines for active women and men, MTB fans

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  • showing Kross as the big supporter of polish MTB discipline
  • creating image of the team members as experts in MTB bikes
  • connecting the positive sport emotions with the brand
  • presenting the KRT members’s achievements
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creating press releases about the team and sending them to media

media relations focused on the most important sport journalits

arranging interviews with the Kross Racing Team members

preparing expert’s comments in publications about MTB, polish cycling and sport bikes

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  • over 200 publications in media about the Kross Racing Team
  • press conference, held in the headquarters of the Polish Press Agency with the journalits from the most important sport media
  • Kross Earth product placement in CKM magazine with Kornel Osicki’s comment
  • interview with Anna Szafraniec in Shape magazine
  • many articles about Kross Racing Team at
  • photo shoot for Men’s Health magazine including Bogdan Czarnota and product placement Kross Level B+
  • interview with Anna Szafraniec about her career plans at



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Press pack

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