Promocja wyprawy KROSS the Himalaya 2018


KROSS is a leading manufacturer of bicycles and bicycle accessories in Poland, whose products can also be purchased in many countries abroad. Its offer includes all modern models of two wheels – mountain, road, electric, city, tourist or these for children. In 2019, in its factory in Przasnysz, it’s launching the unique production line of carbon bike frames. That means a better quality controlling process and considerable advantage over the competition.

Type of campaign

  • Sending press materials before, during and after the KROSS the Himalaya 2018 expedition. Weekly informing journalists on a regular basis (press reports with photos) about the course of the expedition, storytelling
  • Arranging Marcin Korzonek’s performances on television before the expedition (“Teleexpress” TVP1, “Fakty” TVP Wrocław) and radio (Radio Wrocław, Radio RAM, Radio Eska, Radio Wawa)
  • Arranging Marcin Korzonek’s performances after the expedition on TV (“Fakty” TVN, “Fakty” TVN24 BiS, “Facts in the Afternoon” TVN24, “Teleexpress Extra” TVP Info, “Dzień dobry TVN”, “Fakty” TVP Wroclaw, ” Facts about the morning “TVP Wrocław,” Question for breakfast “TVP2” and radio (Radio RMF FM, Radio RMF FM Classic, Program Fourth Polish Radio, Radio Eska, Radio Wawa, Radio Wroclaw, Radio RAM, Radio Złote Przeboje, Meloradio, Radio Wrocław Game),
  • Participation of agency empolyee’s in performances on television
  • Providing journalists with all necessary additional information about the trip (selected photos, map with the route, etc.)

Target group

  • lifestyle media journalists
  • editors dealing with topics related to tourism and travel
  • Wrocław local media
  • bicycle profiled media
  • mass-media (television and radio)
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  • promotion of the KROSS brand as a sponsor engaging in ambitious and significant undertakings related to the Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world, which is commonly associated with extreme conditions
  • promotion of the KROSS Trans 11.0 trekking bicycle model, which can handle even the harsh Himalayan environment
  • promoting the character of the traveler Marcin Korzonek, instructor of cycling tourism and organizer of long trips, already cooperating with KROSS
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  • press releases, photos, links to the traveler’s Facebook profile and his website
  • video recordings provided by the main character of the expedition
  • contacts with journalists, getting them into the travelling subject, storytelling
  • Marcin Korzonek’s performances on TV with a bike and a KROSS T-shirt and expeditions logo, branding. Using the name KROSS the Himalaya 2018, directly associated with the bicycle brand
  • posts on the traveler’s Facebook profile with the current travel report
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  • at least 105 publications about KROSS the Himalaya 2018 project, including: online 70, radio 20, tv 12, press 3. The total estimated reach amounted to almost 48,000,000
  • Marcin Korzonek’s performances on the leading TV and radio stations in Poland with the largest coverage: “Fakty” TVN, “Fakty” TVN24 BiS, “Facts in the afternoon” TVN24, “Teleexpress” TVP1, “Teleexpress Extra” TVP Info, “Day good TVN “,” Fakty “TVP Wroclaw,” Facts about the morning “TVP Wroclaw,” Question for breakfast “TVP2, Radio RM FM, Radio RMF FM Classic, Program Fourth Polish Radio, Radio Eska, Radio Wawa, Radio Wroclaw, Radio RAM , Radio Złote Przeboje, Meloradio, Radio Gra Wrocław)
  • publications about the expedition on the main websites of the most popular men’s lifestyle sites:,,, and such portals as,, and
  • an article about the project of Marcin Korzonek in the weekly magazine “Angora” (about 450,000 releases)
  • publications about KROSS the Himalaya 2018 on the leading Wrocław sites, including:,,, and
  • articles about the expedition in a daily local newspaper “Gazeta Wrocławska”
  • publications about the expedition on the top sites about bicycles and cycling
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Press pack

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